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Highland Springs offers a variety of outpatient trauma treatment options because we understand that each situation is unique. Our therapists and clinicians use a customized approach to trauma and PTSD treatment based on what people respond to and cope with best. The top-tier trauma therapists at Highland Springs Specialty Center have specialized training and high-level expertise. Our therapists will be with you during each step of the recovery process, let us help you recover and restore peace to your life. Call one of our trauma treatment centers in Utah today for more information. (Please note that we offer military trauma therapy programs as well).

PTSD & Trauma Therapy at Highland Springs

People respond differently to trauma and each person must be treated as an individual, which is why the therapists at Highland Springs Specialty Clinic analyze the treatment methods people respond to best and create a custom approach to PTSD treatment in Utah. Highland Springs trauma treatment centers integrate cognitive behavioral therapy and desensitization into the treatment program to help clients recover from traumatic experiences. The goal of these treatment methods is to change how a person thinks about the trauma and its aftermath.


According to the American Psychological Association (APA), trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event like war, abuse (verbal, emotional, physical, and sexual), and natural disasters to name a few. Survivors often give up hope for the future and may engage in dangerous and self-destructive behaviors.

Symptoms of surviving a trauma can include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy &
Desensitization in PTSD Treatment

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy and desensitization at Highland Springs trauma and PTSD treatment centers are designed for all types of trauma, including combat trauma. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a critical component in our recovery program because it identifies the root of the trauma. Highland Springs trauma treatment centers focus on learning to identify the frightening thoughts about the world that cause fear and agitation from the past to the surface. When these triggers are identified, therapists work with the client together to replace the agitated and fearful thoughts with more accurate thoughts, allowing the trauma to recede into the past and become a memory.

Desensitization Therapy

Desensitization occurs when a person verbalizes the story of the traumatic event in a safe therapeutic environment, allowing the emotions connected to the event to be felt and released. This allows the brain to heal a little at a time, decreasing flashbacks and other symptoms related to the trauma. A key component to our trauma therapy program is getting survivors to accept what has happened to them, leave it in the past, and learn to live a more healthy and satisfied lifestyle moving forward.

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The ramifications of these factors can have terrible effects on the life of the trauma survivor because it can change how the person views objects, events, circumstances, themselves, and the world at large. The therapists at Highland Springs trauma treatment centers in Utah are determined to help clients overcome their PTSD. Please call today for more information or fill out the form below to schedule a confidential counseling appointment.

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