Postpartum Depression Treatment Centers in Utah

Highland Springs Postpartum Depression Treatment Centers

Highland Springs Postpartum Depression Clinic is among the leading treatment centers for mothers experiencing postpartum depression in Utah. Our specialized postpartum depression therapists help those with depression take charge of their lives and give them the tools to cope with motherhood and hormonal changes. If you or someone you know is suffering from postpartum depression, contact one of our five depression recovery centers. Call today for more information or fill out the form below to schedule a confidential counseling appointment.

What is Postpartum Depression?

Postpartum depression, also referred to as PPD, is a type of depression that some women experience after childbirth. Mothers with postpartum depression experience prolonged feelings of extreme sadness that may make it difficult for them to complete daily care activities for themselves or for others. PPD is the most common complication for women in their postnatal stage with symptoms occurring within 1 to 3 weeks after having a baby.

Symptoms of Postpartum Depression:

  • Prolonged feelings of sadness
  • Frequent crying or tearfulness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Excessive worrying or anxiety
  • Feeling worthless, hopeless, or guilty
  • Unexplained weight loss or gain
  • Withdrawing from or avoiding friends and family
  • Having trouble concentrating, remembering details,                                       and making decisions
  • Anger or rage
  • Feeling moody and irritable
  • Showing little interest in your baby

How Does Postpartum Depression Differ From The “Baby Blues?”

The “baby blues” is a term used to describe the range of mild, unpleasant emotions mothers feel after childbirth. Baby blues affects up to 80% of mothers and lasts about a week or two, with symptoms going away on their own as hormone levels return to normal.

By contrast, postpartum depression houses symptoms of extreme sadness and anxiety which affects a woman’s ability to carry out daily functions. These symptoms do not go away on their own and often require help from a postpartum depression clinic.

a smiling mother holds her newborn baby girl

Seeking Treatment for Postpartum Depression

Highland Springs postpartum depression therapists use an integrated approach to treating those struggling with postpartum depression. Each of our depression recovery centers incorporate both medicine and cognitive behavioral therapy as a standard for treatment. A unique partnership between our prescriber, the therapist, and the client is utilized to treat both the chemical and behavioral aspect of this mood disorder.

It is essential to incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy for postpartum depression treatment. A combination of medical and cognitive behavioral therapy is more effective in treating depression. This treatment can include meditation, relaxation, and, if appropriate, Brainsway dTMS Therapy.  Brainsway dTMS is a breakthrough, non-invasive treatment arrangement for people who suffer from depression, but are intolerant to medication. 

a happy mother holds her newborn baby

Postpartum Counseling at Highland Springs

Therapy and counseling at Highland Springs private postpartum depression treatment centers is interactive. Consistent communication between the client and therapist is required between sessions.  We use a mind/body/spirit perspective at our recovery centers and we encourage individuals to take an active part in their treatment and recovery. In addition to this, we offer family and spouse treatment, because postpartum often affects loved ones.


If you have any questions about postpartum counseling or would like to schedule a confidential counseling appointment, please call Highland Springs today or fill out the form below.

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