Addiction Treatment Centers in Utah

Addictions can be conquered. Peace can prevail.

The outpatient addiction treatment programs at Highland Springs Specialty Clinics provide specialized therapy for any addiction, including the three listed below. Although all addictions have some similarities, there are nuances to treating different addictions. We believe individualized treatment to each addiction exceedingly creates a comfortable and progressive journey to your goal. Call us today for more information or fill out the form below to schedule a confidential counseling appointment at one of our four locations in Utah.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Substance Abuse

For substance use disorders, we offer outpatient services. Court ordered clients are welcome and we do offer DUI assessments. Outpatient services usually involve an individual therapy session, a weekly group session, and medication management as needed to offset depression and other mood disorders associated with early recovery.

Pornography & Sex Addiction

Many sex-related addictions are difficult to diagnose and can be just as difficult to break as a dependence on any substance. They can also be devastating to relationships with family or spouses because they affect the victim’s ability to behave and/or relate in a healthy manner. Learn more about the Highland Springs Specialty Clinic addiction recovery centers for sex and pornography addictions.

Other Common Addictions

When the desire to do certain activities becomes incredibly compulsive or dangerous that you would take extreme actions to meet them is when an addiction could affect the lives of yourself and the people around you.  Other common addictions we specialize in are gambling and video game addictions. Highland Springs offers multiple rehab and therapy options specific to any addiction.


If you or someone you love suffers from addiction, please contact one of the four Highland Springs Specialty Clinic outpatient addiction treatment centers in Utah for a confidential counseling session.

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