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Posted on: December 4, 2018 | Dr. Todd Thatcher

At Highland Springs Speciality Clinic, our mission is to help people find happiness again. While this sounds simple, it is more than just a nice phrase. This statement is about how to find happiness within yourself, and the influence it can have over your everyday life. Finding happiness is a testimony of how powerful your brain really is, and how it has the power to change. Finding joy in life is an assertion that mental health is a desirable and maintainable goal of overall body fitness. Our goal is to give our clients power over their lives and find helpful techniques to continue pursuing a positive mindset long after they have left our care.

Understanding a Positive Mindset

For thousands of years, our ancestors believed emotions came from our internal organs such as the heart, intestines, and spleen. While this may sound odd now, this belief makes sense. After all, don’t you typically feel these emotions in your chest and stomach? However, modern medical knowledge has taught us that emotions come from the brain, even though we can feel them throughout our body. Understanding how our brains function is a critical first step in the journey of mental health and tells us that healing treatments need to begin with the brain.

Your brain is designed to experience a full range of emotions. This is an important part of living a rich and fulfilled life. While we can feel joy for a while when positive things happen like marriages, graduations, promotions, or the birth of children, we can also feel negative emotions when events happen like funerals, divorces, loss of work, or tension in important relationships. There is nothing wrong with any of that; it’s normal. We feel those emotional extremes when appropriate, but we should ideally spend most of our time in the emotional middle.

So if you’re struggling to find happiness within yourself or your day-to-day life, how do you fix that? This is when you must direct the right treatment to the appropriate part of the brain. This begins with a simple and honest self-evaluation.

Evaluate Your Reactions

Evaluate Your Reactions

  • Does it make sense that eating an entire package of cookies to cope with emotion like stress is healing your brain?
  • Does it sound rational to conclude that abusing alcohol or drugs is healthy for your brain to experience happiness?
  • Is it logical to think that killing yourself is a sign that your brain is properly solving painful emotional problems?
  • Should you indulge in not so helpful behavior such as stress eating, shopping to feel better, pornography, or finding another unhealthy relationship?

The answer to these reactions is, “No, none of those conclusions make sense.”  Proper treatment at Highland Springs Specialty Clinic is a better plan. After a successful treatment is accomplished, there are tools you can continue to use in the journey to finding happiness within yourself.

Spend Time with People You Love

An important step in the process is surrounding yourself with people you love, and who encourage a positive mindset. By having this positive influence in your life, you can continue treating the part of your brain that has experienced a setback. Your family and friends can give you the support necessary in your journey to finding true happiness.

Enjoy Simple Pleasures

This may be surprising, but finding happiness within yourself starts with enjoying the simple pleasures in life. It may not be a dramatic shift, but the small pleasures will add up and help you more than you realize. A natural reaction when you’re feeling down is to gravitate towards activities that bring you joy. This could include something as minimal as:

  • Exercising
  • Reading a good book
  • Journaling
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Accomplishing daily tasks

Activities such as these are critical in how to find happiness within yourself. While they may not seem significant at the time, positive actions help greatly, especially when continuing or finishing depression counseling.

Be Yourself

This may seem cliche, but staying true to yourself is an excellent method of finding happiness. It’s important to hold onto your values and continue focusing on bettering yourself. Being yourself includes accepting yourself as you are and understanding that means accepting your imperfections as well. A positive mindset applies to how you view yourself, not just how you view the world around you.

Finding Happiness Within Yourself is a Process

When embarking on this journey, before or after treatment, the most important thing to remember is finding happiness is a process. Understanding how your brain works, finding tools that work for you, and a positive mindset is an excellent starting point. It’s also important to remember that one of the most unhelpful behaviors is to not seek help when you know there’s a problem. Successful therapy will use your brain to help you understand emotional difficulties, and choose helpful behaviors to find happiness again. Sometimes medications may be necessary to help your brain work properly so you can make therapy a productive and helpful experience. So, whether you’re seeking PTSD treatment, or your life is being negatively impacted by addictive behaviors, Highland Springs Speciality Clinic can show you how to find happiness within yourself again.

The first step is accepting that you are designed to experience a wide range of emotions, and that is completely normal. Despite any setbacks, it is completely possible for you to find happiness, and continue living a full life. While the journey may not be short and can certainly be a process, discovering how powerful your brain really is and using it to heal yourself proves that mental health really is a maintainable goal of overall body fitness.

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