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Posted on: November 20, 2020 | Dr. Todd Thatcher

If you or a loved one suffer from depressive symptoms, you know the toll it takes.

Being one of the most common mental disorders in the United States, major depression can cause significant impairments that interfere with everyday life. Considering more than 17.3 million adults in the United States suffer from at least one major depressive episode a year, and 264 million people suffer from depression around the globe, it’s imperative that those in need of treatment get the help they deserve.

In order to take this critical step to seek help, you must first become mindful of your current condition.

This is where the Beck Depression Inventory comes into play — here’s what you need to know.

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What Is the Beck Depression Inventory?

The Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) is a 21-item self-reporting questionnaire that’s used to help you identify the severity of your depression. First developed in 1961 by the famous psychologist, Aaron Beck, it has since been revised and is readily available to those in need and remains one of the most widely used screening instruments for measuring the severity of depression. There is also a short form version which includes just 13-items. When answering these items, answers are ranked 0-3 in terms of severity. A score of zero means that the symptom is absent whereas a score of three represents a severe symptom.

For example:

  • 0 I do not feel sad.
  • 1 I feel sad
  • 2 I am sad all the time and I can’t snap out of it.
  • 3 I am so sad and unhappy that I can’t stand it. 

Items are summed to obtain a total score.

What Does the Beck Depression Inventory Measure?

This questionnaire helps identify the severity of one’s depression, based on the BDI scale. Anxiety symptoms are not assessed. However, cognitive, affective, vegetative, and somatic symptoms are (as these symptoms are reflected in the criteria for major depression. In total, the highest score is 63 and the lowest is 0, with higher scores indicating greater severity.

If you were to receive a score of 0-13, this would indicate minimal depression, whereas 14-19 = mild depression, 20-28 = moderate depression, and 29-63 = severe depression. While each individual is unique in terms of their mental health, this scale provides valuable insight, guiding you towards the next best steps.

What’s the Purpose of the Beck Depression Inventory?

The purpose of the Beck Depression Inventory is to help concerned individuals (and their loved ones) better understand their current mental health needs. There is no shame in being depressed, and there is no need to suffer in silence.

The goal of this inventory is to help people assess the severity of their symptoms so that they can obtain help. By identifying where you fall on the BDI scale, you can take informed action. For example, although the way you feel may now be your norm, a score of 14 or higher means that you are likely suffering from a condition that is 100 percent treatable.

If you have been experiencing extended periods of sadness and based on your symptoms, believe that you are living with depression, it is highly recommended that you take the Beck Depression Inventory questionnaire. While your score is not a definitive diagnosis, it will offer you insight into your current mental well-being, which can then be shared with a licensed professional. From there, you can take the steps required to achieve a healthier state-of-mind.

You may view this questionnaire here.

Highland Springs Can Help Treat Depression

At Highland Springs, we treat a wide range of conditions, including all types of depression. From bipolar to postpartum depression, psychotic depression to seasonal affective disorder, we help our clients achieve a healthier, higher quality of life. Our specialty clinic is a leading depression treatment center, helping those with depression achieve the type of life they deserve.

We offer a wide range of evidence-based treatment options, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), EMDR treatment, BrainsWay treatment, and much more. Here, we recognize that no two individuals are the same and that they should be treated accordingly. This customized approach significantly increases your chances of success. Upon visiting our clinic, you will undergo an assessment so that our team can address your current needs and mental health goals. Moving forward, your treatment plan will adapt to your changing needs.

For those ready to embark on their healing journey, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with us today.

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