Depression & Anxiety Treatment


Please pardon our bravado, but Highland Springs is a recognized leader in the treatment of depressive and anxiety disorders. Our therapists specialize in helping people take their lives back from these debilitating disorders.

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We practice both cognitive behavioral treatment as well as deep meditation and relaxation therapy. We also utilize rapid eye movement treatment (EMDR) to assist with anxiety related to work or relationship issues.

We have a specialist in behavioral desensitization for clients who struggle with difficulty leaving their homes or other phobias. We also provide treatment for obsessive compulsive disorders, a common complication of depression or anxiety.

The main treatment protocol for anxiety and depression includes both therapy and medication. Our model includes a partnership between our prescriber, the therapist and the client to treat both the chemical and the behavioral aspect of these disorders. If medication is not working, we do offer alternatives such as our Brainsway treatment.

Our treatment at Highland Springs is interactive and involves homework and communication between the client and therapist between sessions. We use a mind/body/spirit perspective and treat the whole person as an individual who is actively involved in their own care. We also offer family and spouse treatment because mood disorders often affect loved ones, as well.

We administer the Beck Depression Scale periodically in order to track reduction of the mood disorder over the course of treatment.

We offer consultations and assistance selecting the therapist that is right for you because we believe the connection between therapist and client is essential to recovery. Please reach out to us if you are struggling and we will schedule your appointment within a three-day period.

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